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Style Consulting

Where do I start? I love wearables. From minute details to overall…

Closet Control

It’s amazing how an ordered closet can settle the mind, cleanse the…

Content Creation

Well-written and relevant content can make your issue come alive! Remarqed can…

Social Media

An active digital presence gives you validity.


I have become the go-to¬†sitter for a handful of friends’ pets. As…

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the humble tee

the humble tee

I’ve learned about myself, through some painful trial and error, that I…
i went to new college of florida

i went to new college of florida

And it was a strange fucking experience. I don’t curse much here,…
a remarqed pop-up shop

a remarqed pop-up shop

“You have to plant the seed long before you see a tree.”…
time travel: I would go back to 1980s Miami

time travel: I would go back to 1980s Miami

Just kidding. What an awful place it apparently was. Everyone coked out……