• Bottega Veneta the Knot Showcase

    Bottega Veneta The Knot Showcase

  • The SDA Bocconi MBA Experience

    The SDA Bocconi MBA Experience

  • Armani/Silos archive/museum

    Armani/Silos archive/museum

  • Remarqed is now in Milano

    Remarqed is now in Milano

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Style Consulting

Where do I start? I love wearables. From minute details to overall…

Content Creation

Well-written and relevant content can make your issue come alive! Remarqed can…

Social Media

An active digital presence gives you validity, as a business, as an…

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one year

one year

How do I start writing about something that is still so painful…
SATOR milano bespoke

SATOR milano bespoke

Clothing customization, for many years and still today, for many people, is…
where is fashion going?

where is fashion going?

The older I get, the more foreign I feel from the center…
bivio milano review

bivio milano review

As global as the world is today, with so many products available…