• Bottega Veneta the Knot Showcase

    Bottega Veneta The Knot Showcase

  • The SDA Bocconi MBA Experience

    The SDA Bocconi MBA Experience

  • Armani/Silos archive/museum

    Armani/Silos archive/museum

  • Remarqed is now in Milano

    Remarqed is now in Milano

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Style Consulting

Where do I start? I love wearables. From minute details to overall…

Content Creation

Well-written and relevant content can make your issue come alive! Remarqed can…

Social Media

An active digital presence gives you validity, as a business, as an…

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Unlike Milan, Rome is often the focal point of any trip to…
managing the SDA Bocconi luxury arts club

managing the SDA Bocconi luxury arts club

A big portion of my time and experience in the full time…
one year

one year

How do I start writing about something that is still so painful…
SATOR milano bespoke

SATOR milano bespoke

Clothing customization, for many years and still today, for many people, is…