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by Alextenglish

Think of this as your concierge service, Remarqed style.

Style Consulting

On a good hair day...

On a good hair day…

I love details, and want to help you look more polished and thoughtful in your dress.

Get in touch to discuss your style conundrums or shopping challenges.

Here are some of my past posts on style and shopping.

Check my Pinterest page for some ideas of what I like in the online shopping sphere.


Lucky's morning hello

Lucky’s morning hello

I have become the go-to sitter for a handful of friends’ pets while they globe-trot.

As it turns out, this deal works out for everyone: my friends have confidence, the pets get to stay in their environment and stick to their routines, and I get to do something fun and different.

If you’re headed out of town and need trusted pet care, Remarqed Services can assist. Fees vary based on number of pets and length of stay, though Remarqed is always more affordable than the kennel.

Let’s meet the little darlings and discuss the terms. Can’t wait!

Content Creation

at the Apple store

at the Apple store

Well-written and relevant content can make your issue come alive! Remarqed can help you fill your website or blog with concise, reader-friendly verbiage about any topic.

Check out my handful of posts on writing.

Closet Control

Gucci baby clothes

Gucci baby clothes

It’s amazing how an ordered closet can settle the mind, cleanse the conscience. Purge the old stuff, put your favorites up front, and learn to love to let go. And of course, make room for new things.