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Fort Lauderdale

by Alextenglish
Fort Lauderdale

South Florida is not so different from the Tampa Bay area. It was developed around the same time, but has attracted a greater volume of immigrants, and from a wider net of places. It’s more of a melting pot, and by necessity, most people have a laissez-faire attitude.

It is a major destination for gays and gay travel, as it is more affordable and less pretentious than Miami. It does however appeal to all types, and that is clear by the range of ages and cultures that intermix.

Given only a weekend, I would definitely spend an afternoon on the beach – it is great people-watching. The city is best seen by water, so plan to rent a boat or make friends with someone who has a sizable craft. Drinking is non-negotiable here.

“An original and still desirable Spring Break location. Very LGBT-friendly.”

*last trip: June 2014